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Postby Trainerjen » Tue Sep 20, 2011 10:27 pm

Didn't see a thread for this movie in particular.

So...I know I'm late to the party but... :lol: I finally saw this for the first time (found a free download. Yay!), and all I can say is Oh. My. God. :twisted: I loved it. Absolutely loved it. And not just the Goran scenes, but the entire movie was well done. Well edited and well acted.

Goran was incredibly sexy and charming in his scenes. I know the "hand scene" is often discussed, but I was more partial to the scene with the doll. When he's kneeling with a cigarette in his mouth and panties in his hand? WOWZER! :shock: Just...hummina hummina. *gulp*. I felt a lot of tingles. :oops:

Anyways. I really enjoyed it. A lot. Very cute and quirky, and I'll definitely re-watch it (probably several times)
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