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This is the place for you to post scans of older articles featuring Goran.

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Postby Luciana_Brasil » Fri Jan 05, 2007 6:31 pm

Oh, no, another line forming ? Gosh, we have line for almost everything around here...

JD, would you please organize this?

One line to take him off, another to take off him, another to get him without anything on and get off with him... I don't know in which line I am on, but for sure will enjoy a lot when it is my time...

About the brown suit, I didn't even noticed it... What I noticed is that he looks even more Gorgeous Goran in lavender...

volim te, Goran, volim te...

(tks, Incitive)
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Postby anica » Fri Jan 05, 2007 7:24 pm

Luciana- Actually the phrase is 'volim te'. And of course, you would have to change the ending of Goran's name if you were speaking to him, but I'll save the Croatian lessons for another time. ;)
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Postby Real Dream » Fri Jan 05, 2007 8:05 pm

but he says that in the song...just before volim te...do you know what it means?

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Postby SAN » Fri Jan 05, 2007 9:04 pm

A translation of that song was posted on the boards, you can see it here:

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Postby Luciana_Brasil » Sat Jan 06, 2007 9:43 am

Oh, yeah, you are right !

But anyway: volim te, I love you, je t'aime, eu te amo, te quiero...

All words to say how much I care for him... :oops:
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Postby debz1616 » Thu Jan 18, 2007 9:40 am

Credit goes to nina1croatia

On the front page (GloriaCover06) by the Visnjic picture, it says: Travarica from Sibenik to save orangutans
*Travarica – Brandy wich is very popular in Croatia, and it is made by adding some aromatic herbs in homemade brandy

Second picture (Gloriapg106)
-> This text by the pictures: Goran Visnjic; Star of the ER, and his wife Ivana, organized charity auction, and his colleagues participated by raising 50.000 dollars
-> Goran picture: Bottle of 'Sibenska Travarica' was sold for 1500 dollars
-> Scott singing: Goran visnjic and Scott Grimes help John Stamos, colleague form ER, to sell hockey stick form hockey star Luca Robitaille (I think…)

Third picture (Gloriapg206)
-> text above: Auction was organized in reataurant called Club Republic, Los Angeles
-> big text underneath: Travarica from Sibenik to save orangutans on Borneo Island

Fourth picture (Gloriapg306)
-> text written with big letters between pictures: Encouraged by the success of this auction, Ivana Visnjic already plans another auction, even bigger then this one, in wich many Hollywood stars would participate
-> HUGE text in left corner: When Canadian scientist Birute Galdikas, founder of charitiy organization 'Orangutan Foundation International (OFI)', talked to Ivana Visnjic (36) one month ago and said to her the story about orangutans being endangered on the Borneo Island, beacuse of the forest devastation and reckless hunt, wife of Goran Visnjic (34), Croatian actor with Hollywood adress, didn't doubt it, not even for a second to help her – she loves animals and she decided to organize Charity auction.
They invited famous Goran's colleagues to give some personla thing that they love, and these famous friends invited their friends to help them save the orangutans. On the auction, that Goran was running 19th November in Los Angeles restaurant Club Republic, there were 60 people gathered. Also, there was actor John Stamos (43), once a Full House star, and now Goran's colleague in ER, Scott Grimes who plays dr. Archi Morris, and Maura Tierney, known by the role of nurse Abby Lockhart.
Besides everyone's good mood, auction had extremley good results, they raised 50.000 dollars.Goran Visnjic, for example, sold his bottle of 'Sibenska travarica' with glass model of church in Sibenik for 1500 dollars, wich is definitely highest price that that drink has ever been sold for. Good price has been reached for rare Whiskey bottle 'chivas regal' with Chivas brothers sign, hockey stick of a hockey star Luca Robitaille, LA Kings player, and Chopards watch wich was brought by actress, and she got it on Golden Globe Awards.
But, Ivana and Goran Visnjic, are aware that this sum is just a piece of the puzzle, cuz they know that safe house in Borneo, more informations on www.orangutan.org/home.php, needs around 30.000 dollars a month for baby food for young orangutans. That is why Ivana Visnjic, who in the mean time become honored member of Administrative bord, already begun organizing even bigger charity auction, which is ment to be held after new year, when more Hollywood start would join the auction.
Warnings of Birut Galdikas that forests in South East Asia will disppear in 10 years, and so will the orangutans should be taken serioulsy, sasy Ivana Visnjic.
-> Goran and Scott picture: colleagues and friends: Goran Visnjic and Scott Grimes
-> Maura picture: Maura Tierney, ER star, also participated the auction
-> Group picture: scientist Birute Galdikas, founder of charitiy organization 'Orangutan Foundation International' with John Stamos and Ivana Visnjic

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Postby AzizalSaqr » Wed Apr 04, 2007 4:48 pm

(Sime posted this in picture..am just moving it over...JD)

And I'm not sure if this one has been posted before, but I thought it was neat. Goran fencing with the new Hamlet. It's his friend Goran Navojec, and he is wearing Goran's old Spartacus outfit! That's really cool that they let him keep it after the movie. :D

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Re: Misc older articles

Postby AzizalSaqr » Fri Nov 05, 2010 7:31 pm

Can everyone start looking through their articles, scanning, and posting them here so that we can build a complete archive of everything done on Goran? If you know the Magazine and date on a cover, open a thread dedicated to it, otherwise, add it here.

Thanks in advance, with everyone's help, we can do this!

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Re: Misc older articles

Postby AzizalSaqr » Mon Nov 08, 2010 3:47 pm

From Hanna

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