Sad News/Death of Dino Dvornik, son of Boris

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Sad News/Death of Dino Dvornik, son of Boris

Postby AzizalSaqr » Mon Sep 08, 2008 3:07 pm


SHOCKED FRIENDS: Dino Was Dalmatian Soul, the Croatian James Brown

I am shocked. We talked the day before yesterday, he sounded alright. I am going to console his wife and give my sympathy, said Bane.

The sad news about the death of the popular singer-songwriter Dino Dvornik, who died aged 44, hit his colleagues, co-workers and close friends hard. With a cramp in their voices, everyone was still speaking in disbelief and shock about how Dino was a talented musician, great co-worker and even better friend.

The family friend and colleague Alka Vuica commented the sad news about the departure of Dino through tears.

“I just heard from Danijela. Terrible. It is hard for me. Everyone loved Dino, especially we who worked and spent time with him. Dino was infinitely talented, a destructive person, but a great musician. I loved him very much. He was a real Dalmatian soul” Alka Vuica just managed to say with her shaky voice. She added that Dino helped her create music a lot. Together they thought of Alka’s great hit “Lazi Me” (Lie to Me).

Sad colleagues console teary Danijela

Croatian singer Dino Dvornik.

Sad colleagues gather in the home of the deceased singer in order to give their condolence and support in the hardest moments. For the Dvornik family, this is the second tragic case this year, because on October 24, Dino’s father died, the famous actor Boris Dvornik.

As soon as he heard the sad news, Bane from Songkillers set off to visit their home. He is still shocked, he said that he has heard from Danijela who was crying.

“I am shocked. I am very sorry about what happened, and I am going to go and console his wife and give her my sympathy. I do not know the circumstances of his death, we talked the day before yesterday and he sounded fine. He asked me to help him finish his album, for which we wrote a few songs together. On Monday we were scheduled to go to the studio and finish the material, and now this happens. I can not believe it” said Zeljko Banic Bane. Bane has cooperated with Dino for many years, including this lat album.

Besides professionally cooperating with Bane, Dino was a close friend with him, as well as with Davor Gobac who achieved great musical success in the 1980s.

Gobac: Dino was the initiator of funky sound

Not even Gobac could hide his sorrow for the death of a friend, with who ruled the pop scene at one time.

“I am very sorry for that man. He was a little bit silly, but was really a talented pop musician. What can I say? We hung out a lot, I can not believe that he is no longer here. He is the founder of the funky sound in Croatia. I liked him a lot”, said Gobac and paused. He then said that Dino Dvornik was the Croatian James Brown.

“This is a great loss for everyone”

Giulliano voiced his regret for the departure of a great Croatian musician and said that it is great loss for everyone. Nina Badric agreed, who Dino “opened the path and showed that you can be your own person” to.

“I am shocked. We has quite a few joint concerts. As a musician, he was a pioneer in Croatia, ahead of everyone. We got on fine, he was great company. This is a great loss to everyone”, said Giulliano. The shocked Nina Badric thanked Dino for opening the way for her and many other singers, and as she stressed, she will remember him for everything he was.

“Dino and I were in good relations for many years. Above all, I am in shock. A man has departed that showed me and many other musicians like me, who work with urban music, that you can be yourself and he opened the way. I will miss him very much, his goodness, lucidity, eccentricity. I will remember him for everything that he was” said Nina Badric.

Tutic: Cooperation with Dino short, but nice

One of the most influential Croatian singer-songwriters, Zrinko Tutic, said that he was sorry that Dino died, saying that they cooperated together on Croatian Band Aid, where Dino in the company of male and female singers supported humanitarian projects in Croatia, and Tutic was the composer.

“Cooperation with Dino was short, but very nice”.

DEPARTURE OF A LEGEND Croatian Singer Dino Dvornik Dies I found out ten minutes ago, said Elle Dvornik in a shaky voice, asking in disbelief: Has it already been on television?

Dino Dvornik, aged 44, died last night in Zagreb under unknown circumstances, confirmed the Zagreb police department.

Ella: I do not know what happened

“I found out ten minutes ago” said Elle Dvornik in a shaky voice, asking in disbelief: “Has it already been on television?”

“I really do not know what happened. I am going to call my mother now” said Elle.

The spokesperson of the Zagreb police department Aleksandra Ljuba confirmed the news that Dino Dvornik has died. As she says, the police are in Dvornik’s apartment carrying out their inspection of the scene, but the circumstances of death are not know for now.

Ljuba: An autopsy will show the cause of death

“The exact cause of death will be determined with an autopsy” said Ljuba.

Dvornik was born on August 20, 1964 in Split. He left a deep mark on the Croatian music scene. He was the son of the recently deceased legendary actor Boris Dvornik, who died from a heart attack on October 24, aged 64. In March 1998 he married Danijela Kuljis and had a daughter named Elle with her. The media have been monitoring him constantly for the last ten years because of his flirts with drugs, more than because of his music. In 2006 his family recorded the reality television show “Dvorniks” which returned their fame.

Dino Dvornik - Peti element
I do not look at the past anymore, or the future. I live for today, were the words that Dino Dvornik said during his last interview.

View the music video here:

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Postby AzizalSaqr » Mon Sep 08, 2008 5:09 pm

There are several Memorial videos up now on's a link to one:

I also wanted to post this tribute article from Nenad N. Bach/Crown Croatian World Network

Dino Dvornik 1964 - 2008


August 20, 1964 - September 7, 2008

Dino was full of life, each time I saw him, he always showed a lot of respect, because among us who deeply love music there's no holding, there's no faking. We know who is good in few seconds. And Dino was very good. Too early to leave. Too many good men left us recently.

I always enjoyed your closeness, honesty and classy behavior. I don't know anything else from you because that is the way you were with me. Elegant, eloquent, respectful, funny, intelligently inquisitive, witty and kind. Svježi vihor. I am honored to have known you even a little bit.

Rest in peace,

Nenad N.Bach
New York Sept, 7, 2008


Dino Dvornik and Nenad Bach in Trogir, Croatia

He entered the music business at 17 with his older brother Dejan, with whom he founded the band “Kineski Zid” (Great Wall of China). His music career with that band started improving after they released the first funky record in Croatian discography in 1988. They won their first awards at the Zagreb Fest for the best debut band with the song “Tebi Pripadam” (I Belong to You). The young, rebellious and talented singer reached the height of his career at the start of the nineties, and everybody knows the words to his song Africa. It was this song that won him a Porin award in 1996, and a year later he won another one for the album “Enffant Terrible”. He continues his success in 1998 when he won another Porin for the compilation album “Vidi Ove Pjesme” (See This Song).

He released eight albums in his rich musical career, and he announced a return to the music scene with the album “Pandorina Kutija” (Pandora’s Box), which unfortunately, he did not manage to finish. The personality and works of this music legend will live forever, and he will forever remain an idol for many young musicians.

Dino acted in "A Wonderful Night in Split", directed by Arsen Anton Ostojic

Dino Dvornik, aged 44, died last night in Zagreb under unknown circumstances, confirmed the Zagreb police department.

Obaviještavamo prijatelje i medijske djelatnike da će posljednji ispraćaj Dine Dvornika biti u srijedu 10.09.2008. u 16.00 sati na Krematoriju, Remetska cesta bb, Zagreb.

Komemoracija u povodu smrti Dine Dvornika održat će se u srijedu, 10. rujna 2008. godine u 14 sati
u Zagrebačkom kazalištu mladih, Teslina 7.

Kolege, prijatelji, znanci i svi poštovatelji njegove glazbe moći će se upisati u knjigu žalosti.
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